Cialis jelly: a fresh solution for potency problems

Using Cialis jelly is extremely convenient. No need to wash down or wait for the preparation to resolve. Just take the medicine at any time. A convenient sachet can be always with you, in your pants pocket, or even in a purse. With the properties similar to those of pills, the jelly is absorbed in the mouth cavity, not stomach. Therefore, it can be used regardless of food intake. In cases when planning a romantic adventure is rather difficult, a convenient remedy makes you ever feel secure.
Considered cross functional, pills still feature a number of limitations. With Cialis jelly, the restrictions are to be avoided: quit worrying about possible drug's combination with alcohol and fatty food, stomach problems, etc.

Why Cialis jelly is a better solution? 1. No need to wash down with water. No one feels able to foresee a situation, when water or drinks are simply absent. Here, pills just become useless, or the effect is long-expected. Jelly form is different. Besides, you avoid a familiar phenomenon, which is gastric irritation caused by pharmaceutical drugs.
2. Cialis jelly acts more rapidly. Dissolved in the mouth cavity, it enters into the bloodstream immediately. Such mechanism provides the effect of the active substance coming in already fifteen minutes. Administration of conventional tablets involves a long wait, since pills are first dissolved in the gastrointestinal tract, and then the active substance enters into the circulatory system.
3. Undoubtedly, Cialis jelly features pleasant taste sensations. To many, it may seem like a vanity. Though, agree delish gel is much better than a tasteless agent. Delicate consistency and original flavor bring additional pleasure (several flavors are available). buy Buspar online no prescription
4. Storing the gel is easy and convenient. No special conditions are required.

How does Cialis jelly work? Cialis jelly has the same chemical composition as tablets, hence the efficiency is constant. The character of effects on the body remains unchanged. Gel maintains its action up to half a day, regardless of a diet and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The principle of the drug's action is based on filling the penis with blood and obstruction to its rapid outflow. Cialis jelly is not an energy shot or aphrodisiac. Administration of a coveted drug leads to no sudden and uncontrolled erection. At the right time, you are always ready and alert to another sex victory.

What is the active substance of Cialis jelly? It is Tadalafil. This is an American development, patented under the name of Cialis. The substance provides beneficial effects on genitals, or rather their vascular system, dilates blood vessels, allowing them to be actively filled with blood. When the object of desire is near, erection occurs instantly. One sachet of Cialis gel contains an optimal daily dose of 20 mg tadalafil. Choosing gel, you are not worrying about the dosage.

Does Cialis jelly have side effects? Observe precautions, since Cialis jelly is still a drug that features contraindications and side effects. buy kamagra online no prescription
1. Do not take the medication with drugs and food, which are not compatible with tadalafil. This includes all nitrates and nitric oxide.
2. Though tadalafil provides no effect on vision, in rare cases some disorders may happen (because of the deterioration of blood supply to the ophtalmic nerve). Keep this in mind when driving.
3. The use of any drug requires a consultation with a doctor.
4. For those over 65 years, consultation and examination by a doctor are required. A decreased dosage of tadalafil may be prescribed.
5. There is information that the substances contained in grapefruit can increase the side effects of tadalafil.
6. Avoid using tadalafil drugs in combination with other agents for treatment of erectile dysfunction. buy valtrex online no prescription
7. In case of problems with vision, stop taking the drug and seek medical advice. Similar actions are required when you face a manifestation of heart rhythm disorders, chest pain, shortness of breath, pain during erection or hypernormal erection.

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