Cialis Professional: a small "week-end" pill with powerful and long-lasting effect

Men patients facing the problem of erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia from time to time, for sure have an idea of what Cialis is. And this fact is not surprising as for several years already healthcare providers, dealing with the treatment of erectile dysfunction and/or benign prostatic hyperplasia signs and symptoms in men patients, consider this healthcare product to be an effective medicine for above listed health problems.

Brand Cialis pills vs Cialis Professional: healthcare products description: Brand Cialis (also known as Tadalaphil) is the unique healthcare product produced by Lilly ICOS LLC worldwide for the effective treatment of ED and/or BPH symptoms in men patients. This medicine available in pill form in the dosage of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg is considered to be one of the three world-renowned medicines (together with Viagra and Levitra) taken mostly on an "as needed" basis. Yellow film-coated almond-shaped Cialis pills are also popularly called "weekend pills" for their unique ability to stay active in the patient's body for about 36 hours since the moment of administration of a recommended daily dose of Cialis - the feature, which makes them compare favorably with the other medicines with such-like principle of action.
Cialis Professional being the reformulated version of brand Cialis is available at the modern healthcare products market in the dosage of 20 mg in the pillboxes of 10, 20, 30, 60 pills and more. It contains the same active ingredient tadalaphil, and produces the same desirable effect on the patient's body as brand Cialis pills do, but is considered to be more powerful and together with it is available at a more affordable price.

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Cialis Professional pills: mechanism of action As a rule, any high-quality healthcare product should be health-friendly, patient-friendly and have a natural mechanism of action. According to this fact, Cialis Professional is a better option in this relation, as the mechanism of action of Cialis pills is in line with all the patients requirements to the medicinal products of this kind.
As in case of brand Cialis, the action of Cialis Professional is based on the reaction of the human body to the active ingredient of Cialis Professional pills called tadalaphil which is a phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor, able to block the degradative action of phosphodiesterase type 5 on cyclic GMP in the smooth muscle cells. Smooth muscle cells line the blood vessels which supply the corpus cavernosum of the penis. The administration of a dose of Cialis makes it possible to relax smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum, and in such a natural way, to increase the blood flow to the penis and so provide better erection to the patient.
Statement of the fact that Cialis Professional is patient-friendly is also true, as following Cialis Professional treatment the patient doesn't have to take pills right before the sexual intercourse, and then be bound to wait for some time for the pills to start working. Thanks to the 36-hour effectiveness of Cialis Professional in the human body the patient can take the pill several hours before the intended sexual intercourse, and the medicine will start working right after the sexual stimulation takes place. The patient won't have any signs of penile erection without sexual stimulation, so there is no risk of the undesirable body reactions to the medication in this relation. buy vardenafil online no prescription

Cialis Professional pills: warnings and precautions Cialis Professional pills can be regarded as the health-friendly medicine, but there are still several details to pay attention to before the patient starts his treatment course with this drug. Cialis Professional cannot be prescribed to the patients taking isosorbide dinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate or other "nitrates" or to the patients who are allergic to tadalafil or other Cialis Professional components. Cialis Professional pills should be recommended with special precautions in case the patient had (or has) such health problems as high or low blood pressure, stroke, serious heart problems, blood cell problems, liver or kidney problems, stomach ulcers or a bleeding problem, severe vision loss, including a NAION condition, retinitis pigmentosa, a deformed penis shape or longstanding erection (for up to 4 hours and longer). buy nexium online no prescription
Anyway, if you'd like to get a proper Cialis Professional treatment it is worth consulting your doctor as for the daily dosage recommended and possible side effects in your personal case before you start taking Cialis for managing the problem of ED and/or BPH signs and symptoms.

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